About Me




My name is Maddi Kedrowski, and I am a junior studying marketing and advertising major at Drake!

I am originally from Appleton, WI, but have lived in both Boston, MA, and Cincinnati, OH. Moving around so often throughout my childhood has taught me several life lessons and helped me become the person I am today. I love sharing my experiences in these places with others and am excited for the opportunity to live somewhere new after graduation.

Outside of my classes at Drake, I am one of the captains of the Drake Dance Team, a member of Alpha Phi, and a marketing intern at Bâton Global.

I have been dancing competitively since I was in Elementary school and went to a classical ballet school for two years prior to starting my college career. Although the dance team is very different than my past experiences, I love being able to still do what I am passionate about and lead my teammates!

Currently, as an intern at B|G I have had the opportunity to design and optimize Google Display Ads as well as LinkedIn Lead Generation content for two campaigns. For the Return to Office campaign, I designed over 50 different ads that were then uploaded to Google Ads to run for 3 weeks. In addition, I drafted and released several email campaigns to support the other marketing efforts. In addition, I serve as Director of Target Membership Marketing for my sorority Alpha Phi. I love getting as involved as I possibly can in the organizations I care about.

Outside of school, work, and dance, I love fashion, cooking, organizing, writing calligraphy, my amazing friends, and trying new things that allow me to be creative!

This website is for me to share my favorite things with you, what I do to stay busy, me trying to cook, and some of the creative things I’ve done!


“You have not missed out on what is meant for you.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

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